The Aggies.

Great faculty are fundamental to student success, The Aggies provide a way for students to nominate faculty members that have made a difference in their education. Take a few moments to nominate someone below!

Open Door Award

This Faculty Member’s door is always open to students. Whether it be to answer a question, help with
something, or just simply talk with a student, this person will never turn down a chance to talk to students. This person exemplifies Agriculture by, always being there for your neighbor.


Owl Award

Everyone has classes they love in their respective fields of study. This Faculty Member’s classes are always
the most beneficial and fun to students at NDSU. They challenge students as well prepare them for successful
careers in agriculture.


Golden Bision Award

This Faculty member has made great contributions to Agriculture at NDSU throughout their careers. They will
truly be missed as they move onto life after NDSU, but they will always be a Bison!


George Washington Award

George Washington once said, “I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.” This Faculty
member puts agriculture first and foremost, not only on our campus, but even on a global scale. They are
respected members of the agriculture community because of their knowledge, hard work, and determination to
continue to contribute to the industry we all love.


Herd Award

Students come first. This Faculty member believes this wholeheartedly. They show outstanding advising to
students throughout their time at NDSU through academic advising or organization advising. Without great
advising students would not be able to make the most of their college experience.